Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an up-front fee for getting involved or having someone contact me?
A: No.

Q: How long might it take for me to get an offer to sell my house to one of your investors?
A: If there is an investor in your area, you could get an offer very quickly.

Q: What if my house needs repairs?
A: Many of our investors will buy your house as is, and handle problems themselves.

Q: How long might it take to close?
A: Many of our investors are prepared to pay cash and close very quickly.

Q: I’m behind in my loan. Must I make another payment?
A: No, in most cases you don’t have to make any more payments.

Q: I’m in foreclosure. Are you still interested?
A: Yes, we are interested.

Q: If you buy before the bank forecloses, can I save my credit?
A: Yes. If we buy it and prevent the foreclosure, your credit will probably be saved.

Q: Will you buy the house if it’s empty?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you buy the house if I have a bad tenant in there now?
A: Yes. Most of our investors know how to evict bad tenants.

Q: My house is presently listed for sale. Would you still buy it?
A: Yes. If the price is right, it makes no difference whether it is listed or not.

Q: If I have moved out of the area do I have to come back into town for a closing?
A: No, your check can be mailed to you.

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