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We Can Buy Your House in 7 Days or Less!


How is this possible? It’s really easy when we work together to create a win-win sale that will work for everyone. You’ll get your home sold fast and we’ll continue to buy more houses and provide quality homes to our customers.


Please take a moment to tell us all about your house and situation. We’ll review your information and call you shortly to discuss a solution.  Fill up our form on the link  . You can also call Monte for more information (720) 336-0742

Check Out Our MGM Homes Max Investor Program

Check Out Our MGM Homes Max Investor Program!

Purchase and renovation projects can range from simple cosmetic updates to major renovation and/or re-building. These photos show an extreme example. It made sense to redesign and renovate this property due to the values in the area and the experience level of the borrower.

Here you see the progression from the beginning to end, with the borrower borrowing all the funds necessary for the purchase and renovation of this project. >>


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