About Us


We at MGM Homes are real estate solution providers.  As a nationwide team of investor’s we have been buying and selling houses in various parts of the country for over thirty years and helping others in real estate for five years.


  • We provide simple solutions that work for Sellers and Buyers.  In today’s market there are many problems that arise in selling and buying real estate.

WHY:  These sellers wanted our help!

HOW:  We can provide quick results.

  •     We will buy your home in 48 hours or less
  •     Close in 14 day, if needed
  •     Pay cash
  •     Move when you are ready
  •     Don’t need to leave the house spotless
  •     We make the transition easy
  •     No Realtor commissions

You’ll find our business practices are sound and second only to our honesty and integrity.  All information is held in strict confidence.  We do not charge a fee for information provided and you are under no obligation.  It’s always nice to have other options available.


  •     Easy payment plans
  •     Owner financing (We are the Bank)
  •     Rent-To-Own
  •     Some starting payment under $1,000
  •     Move in….in 14 days or less
  •     Easy transition
  •     Don’t qualify for Bank, Credit Union or S & L credit standards

Sell Your Home
If you’re looking to sell your home in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner, you’ve come to the right place.
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Whether you’re selling to:

  •     Move to a larger home
  •     Downsize to smaller one
  •     Move due to a transfer

Or selling due to:

  •     Divorce
  •     Job loss
  •     Bankruptcy
  •     Behind on payments
  •     Foreclosure
  •     Health Problems
  •     Need fast cash
  •     Tired of being a landlord

By this time next week your house could be sold!  There is no obligation and no cost to you.  You have nothing to loose.

Gather some basic information about your property including:

  •     Address
  •     Current Loan Balance
  •     Any liens or judgements
  •     If payments are behind – how many months
  •     Property Condition

Contact MGM Homes, LLC at 720-446-7368 or
email us at info@mgmhomesllc.com